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Nearly half of all renters without any contents insurance

  • Renting is at the highest level in 30 years with over 15 million Brits renting their home
  • Nearly half (45%) of all renters have no contents insurance compared to just 5% of homeowners
  • Historically many people first took out home insurance when buying their first home however with thousands of Brits in their 20s, 30s and older staying in rented accommodation there is an increasing gap in cover
  • Renters estimate that they could only afford to replace around a third of their belongings if they had to ma

esure travel insurance to cover cancellations to Zika hit areas

  • Cases of Zika virus and infected mosquitoes now found in over 20 countries including Florida, one of the most common destinations for UK travellers visiting the US
  • esure travel insurance customers will be covered to cancel or change their holiday if a member of the insured party is pregnant and due to travel to an infected area
  • Other countries affected by outbreak of the virus including popular destinations such as Barbados, Dominican Republic and Cuba

esure travel insurance will cover holiday cancellations related to the Zika virus.

Children own first phone at seven

  • On average, UK children own a phone by age seven and an iPad by age eight
  • Most children can operate the television at four years old — before they can tie their own shoelaces, ride a bike or swim unaided 
  • Average lifetime of a tablet or smartphone owned by a child is just 18 months 
  • Youngsters reaching technological milestones earlier, such as browsing the internet independently (age five) and being able to control the TV, seven years earlier than their parents

Children receive their first phone at the age of seven and their first iPad at the